In Russia want to make a tank with electromagnetic gun

The planned creation of a system to manage the machine remotely.

В России хотят произвести танк с электромагнитной пушкой


In Russia want to make a tank on a tracked platform with an electromagnetic gun, capable to perform complex military tasks. He will be the representative of the new technical era. First, engineers create a power supply system of the tank. In the further part of the combat vehicle enters a laser and electromagnetic gun. Similar weapons are already available in a number of States. The United States carried out experiments on the creation of electromagnetic guns. They use special fittings, which secured the shell. Railguns are called railguns.

In the past the Deputy Minister of defense of the Russian Federation Yuri Borisov and Senator Frank Klintsevich said that the state has made certain steps to create such weapons. In Moscow suburbs have tested a railgun laboratory class. Length of the gun was two meters and he shot bullets weighing tens of grams. A similar development is underway in China. In China, engineers are going to release railgun caliber 130 mm by 2020.