In “Sheremetyevo” work disrupted the take-off Boeing

The incident occurred on the evening of 29 November in the Moscow air port. A citizen has violated all existing rules and almost paid for it with his life, but was not injured because of the observation of the pilots.

В «Шереметьево» рабочий сорвал взлет Boeing


At the airport “Sheremetyevo” work of the construction organization disrupted the takeoff of Boeing, because at the moment of the taxiing aircraft was on the runway. The commander of the crew noticed a man in a dangerous area and stopped the shipment. After investigations, it was revealed that the runway was out working, and he’s not wearing overalls, so no different from ordinary passengers. The offender was handed over to employees of traffic police. The Prosecutor’s office became interested in this incident and investigators are checking. Suspended Boeing went on the route Moscow-Sochi.

In “Sheremetyevo” November 20 on the runway killed a young man. He arrived in the Russian capital, from Madrid and was a citizen of Armenia. On arrival at the airport is a 25-year-old man went to the buses and went to the runway, where it was downed airliner Boeing-737.