In space there was a giant Gingerbread: photo

В космосе появился гигантский Колобок: фото

asteroid Bun in space

Objects and folds of the landscape on the asteroid Ryugu received personal names. One of the craters on this body space between Earth and Mars is now called “the Gingerbread man” — in honor of the character of the East Slavic tales. A rather unusual decision to name part of the cosmic body character from a fairy tale. Most surprisingly, the name he gave it the Japanese scientists.

В космосе появился гигантский Колобок: фото

The names associated with fictional characters from fairy tales and myths, got 13 seats: craters, boulders and peaks. Even the name “Ryuga” in Japanese translates as “dragon Palace”. Apparently, the astronomers of Japan has run out of ideas to name celestial bodies, and they began to use the names of characters from fairy tales.

On the surface of the asteroid now has craters Urashima (Fisher from Japanese fairy tales), Brabo (the character of the Dutch tales), Cendrillon (“Cinderella” in the French style).

The place where in the autumn of 2018 planted a robot MASCOT named “Wonderland of Alice”.

В космосе появился гигантский Колобок: фото

Recall that the mission of the probe, which discovered the asteroid is to deliver to Earth soil of the asteroid. The mission should end in 2020 and that can give science a new impetus to the development.

Recall that the company Xiaomi will soon present a top-end smartphone Xiaomi Mi 3S Mix, which will be almost the first flagship 2019. Among other things, it is worth noting the presence of top-end Snapdragon chipset 855, and support new generation networks 5G. Besides, the price for the device is only $ 600, which is much cheaper than the vaunted iPhone XS Max.

Earlier Znayu reported that the legendary creators of Crysis said that preparing a new a-game. Fans assume that the game will be multiplayer, because it is created on the game engine, which is able to display the game world in real time for multiple players. The developers have promised to publish some information about a future project later, so that millions of fans are awaiting news from the gaming company.

Znayu wrote that the Korean Corporation Samsung has decided to get rid of plastic in packaging boxes, and switched to environmentally friendly material, the type of starch. Now don’t worry that discarded packaging from under the smartphone will be under ground and will decompose for hundreds of years.

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