In the Android Q will have an innovative technology from Apple

В Android Q появится инновационная технология от Apple

Apple 3D Touch

The 3D Touch technology in Apple’s smartphone appeared in 2015, with the release of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. After that, some companies, including Google, worked on the analogues of this technology in their devices. It seems that with the release of the Android operating system Q about 3D Touch speak again. Technology itself is quite simple. Team, or smartphone functions are invoked using a tap of the screen. A certain command is invoked when a certain pressing force, which simplifies the operation of the smartphone.

В Android Q появится инновационная технология от Apple

The second beta of the Android version of Q found mention of new functionality — Deep Press. As 3D Touch, it can identify a pressing force on the display.

The documentation says that excessive clicking will use to call the context menu of the application, as well as quick access to selected functions of Android. Approximately the same pattern and working system from Apple. However, Apple itself refuses this technology, as it is not very useful. The company found her a full-fledged replacement.

В Android Q появится инновационная технология от Apple

Recall that Microsoft announced the release of a new update for Windows 10. Among the main innovations it is worth noting the presence of several themes that will allow the OS itself to look a little more interesting. In addition, the company worked on the safety of users and have shut down several vulnerabilities, which could benefit hackers. At the moment, the update is being tested by developers, so that soon the novelty will be available for normal users.

Earlier Znayu reported that Huawei Huawei P30 and P30 Pro reached Ukraine. It is reported that the price of the gadget will be simply exorbitant. However, this smartphone will definitely appeal to those who want to make high-quality pictures on a smartphone. The price of the device starts from 23 to 32 thousand hryvnia.

Znayu wrote that the company Sony announced the start of the season of discounts on games for PlayStation 4. It is reported that even top games will be sold at a discount of 75%, so it’s time to break the piggy Bank.

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