In the app on the iPhone discovered a critical vulnerability: your credit card is in danger

В приложении на iPhone обнаружена критическая уязвимость: ваша кредитка в опасности

Large companies have long been following our gadgets: when the user opens the application, they look for all the actions.

About it, of course, no one thinks to warn you. For your information watching travel companies, banks, hotels and even mobile operators.

В приложении на iPhone обнаружена критическая уязвимость: ваша кредитка в опасности

In the surveillance of users has been convicted of such companies as Air Canada, Hollister, Expedia, Singapore Airlines and others. The developers built an analytical company Glassbox technology “playback session”. It allows you to see what you see. In fact, it was to understand how the user uses the program and find out whether all works fine.

Singapore Airlines said that sends the collected data back to the cloud Glassbox. But the company Air Canada is a bit different: a few weeks ago made a statement that its app leaked data. In the network surfaced 20 thousand credit card users.

The situation is complicated by the fact that none of the app never warned its users about their actions. But the company explained their choice by the fact that this “voyeurism” helps detect possible technical problems at the initial stage of testing. This reduces costs by optimizing the application in the future.

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To be precise, their burnout.

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