In the Black sea expedition of the Ukrainian scientists have discovered an unknown wrecks and plane

The expedition started on 9 October from the port of Odessa and ended near the Black sea.

В акватории Черного моря экспедиция украинских ученых обнаружила неизвестные затонувшие суда и самолет

In the Black sea a research expedition of the Ukrainian scientists have discovered a previously unknown wrecks and plane.

As UNIAN correspondent, about this today at a press conference in Odessa, said the participants of the expedition “Black sea-2018”, which explored North-Western part of the Black sea.

The expedition started on October 9 on the ship “O. Solodunov” of the Odessa sea port and ended today in the Odessa region, near the city of Chernomorsk.

As noted by the representative of the state institution “Scientific center of hydrophysical national Academy of Sciences of Ukraine” Sergey Fedosenko, in the course of the research, in particular, received a lot of unique hydroacoustic data. For example, on days sun-dried for two unidentified submerged vessel and a muddy plane.

“We took more than 70 square miles of sediments… the information Obtained is unique. When all the data are processed, they will be included in the database of Oceanographic data,” said Fedotenkov.

According to the head of Department of navigation support navigation and lighthouse service of the state institution “the state hydrographic service of Ukraine” Nikolay Golodova, the total length of the route of the expedition amounted to 302 km.

“Our way was from Odessa to Shenderovskii braids,” said Famine. He noted that during the expedition, in addition to hydroacoustic studies were conducted hydrological and hydrographic partially.

According to the head of “the state hydrographic service of Ukraine” Alexander Gable, the results of field studies will be used to create safe conditions of navigation, to ensure information about possible changes to the marine environment, publication of nautical charts, guidelines and manuals for navigation on the Maritime waterways of Ukraine.

“Performed a sonar survey to determine the nature of the bottom relief and location of natural and artificial objects on the seabed, Oceanographic survey to determine the dynamics of processes in the sea; also, the measured parameters of the marine environment in the most important Maritime coastal areas,” said Nutcracker.

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According to him, the purpose of the research is the recovery of domestic information base for hydrographic surveys, which is partially lost following the events of 2014, particularly the annexation of Crimea by Russia.

The studies were conducted in the waters of the North-Western part of the Black sea in the busiest areas of Maritime routes.

As has explained a press-Secretary of “state hydrographic service of Ukraine” Natalia Melani, the expedition carried out within the framework of the joint project (“the state hydrographic service of Ukraine” and “hydrophysical Scientific center of NAS of Ukraine”) is a scientific and technical programme for Oceanographic and hydrographic study of the marine environment and inland waterways of Ukraine to enhance efficiency of navigation and hydrographic security of shipping in the period 2018-2022 years.

“For 2018, representatives of state institutions “the state hydrographic service of Ukraine” and “Scientific hydrophysical the center of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine” plan to hold another joint expedition of European importance,” said Melani.

The draft of the program initiated by treatment with the corresponding proposal of the President of the NAS of Ukraine academician Boris Paton in the Ministry of infrastructure of Ukraine.

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