In the DC comics Putin had a fight with Superman

The eighth edition hand-drawn works of the Doomsday Clock tells of the struggle of the Russian President and US leadership.

В комиксах DC Путин поссорился с Суперменом

In the comic book organizations DC Entertainment Vladimir Putin declares war on Washington because of the death of its soldiers because of the us of the hero firestorm. Superman was trying to protect compatriots, but Putin has a fight with him and encouraged silence. The conflict arose from the Kremlin to red square. The leader of the Russian Federation began to gather weapons in order to confront the United States. After a verbal altercation with Putin Batman Superman advised not to go to either one of the conflicting parties, and to take a neutral position.

В комиксах DC Путин поссорился с Суперменом

American hero in his speech defended the firestorm. Superman said as if transformed into glass Russian soldiers can still be revived, but an armed conflict between Russia and the United States will end in bloodshed.

In the DC comics describes the attempts of Washington to gain a huge influence around the world. In the work of the United States interfering in the internal Affairs of Russia and other countries. This behavior causes dissatisfaction in Moscow.