In the Internet appeared the video, as the birds addicts “high” on opium plantations

В сети появилось видео, как пернатые наркоманы "кайфуют" на опиумных плантациях

Indian opium industry is already suffering due to bad weather conditions, and the farmers say that the sudden RAID “parrots that are dependent on opium” may be the last straw for them.

Speaking to Indian news Agency NOR the farmer-opium Nandkishore, Madhya Pradesh, said that farmers have few times addressed for the help to the authorities, but their requests were ignored.

В сети появилось видео, как пернатые наркоманы "кайфуют" на опиумных плантациях

“Single poppy flower gives about 20-25 grams of opium, but a large group of parrots feeding on those plants about 30-40 times a day, and some even fly with poppy pods, emptying thereby the whole plantation,” the local media reported.

I wonder what precious crop grown on the request of pharmaceutical companies.

The local parrots have become so dependent on poppy dope that disregard the sense of danger that should arouse the Scarecrow and numerous rattles, hanging over the field. And farmers were forced to introduce the practice of duty.

В сети появилось видео, как пернатые наркоманы "кайфуют" на опиумных плантациях

The farmer said that despite constant monitoring of field parrots have changed tactics and no longer saturated with poppy juice right on the field. They moved to the next level – to break the stem and take the head away from opium farmers where and get your dose by eating the seeds. This unusual activity of birds caught on video captured on February 21, and posted on YouTube several days later.

“As soon as the winged beings experience this feeling, they become victims of addictions,” said Dr. G. S. Chundawat College of horticulture in Mandsaur.

He compared the action of opium on the birds, with a tonic effect, which give a coffee or tea person.

Farmers concerned about the growing activity of parrots, because officially, to grow opium in the North of India is quite expensive, because it requires the purchase of special licenses and compliance of the final product certain quality standards.

Recall the indignant farmers complained to the authorities on the elusive offenders: addicts birds.

As reported by the portal “Know.ia” drug-addicted parrots attacked the Indian opium plantations: farmers appealed to the authorities.

Also “Know.Eeyore” wrote, what is in human feces.

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