In the Internet appeared the video of the reflection of a missile attack near Damascus

In the video you can see the moment of reflection attacks.

В сети появились видеозаписи отражения ракетной атаки под Дамаском


In the network appeared the first video, which captures the moment of reflection rocket attack near Damascus. On shots it is clearly possible to see the floating lights that allow you to monitor how you move the shells in the air. After that shows flashes of their breaks. All this is accompanied by appropriate sounds.

It should be recalled that on Thursday, November 29, reports emerged about the Syrian air defense downed an Israeli military plane. The incident was allegedly recorded in the South-West suburb of Damascus, the town of al-Kiswa. In the Israeli army, those messages were refuted. Later, the representatives of SAR admitted his mistake.

The confusion has arisen due to a lack of precise definition of the targets by means of radar. Meanwhile, Syria’s air defense were actually able to destroy multiple air targets, who attack the country.