In the Kuzbass during the fighting at home has suffered a fire

The victims were the commander of the fire brigade.

В Кузбассе при тушении дома пострадал пожарный


In the Kuzbass in extinguishing the private home suffered a fire. When the fire has died eight people, including six children. Injured firefighter became commander of the brigade, which left on elimination of the fire. The message about the fire recorded about four o’clock in the morning. The fire lasted for hours.

The accident killed a family of eight people. Survived only 42-year-old woman. The guards opened a criminal case, and investigators are checking and find out all the circumstances. The Prosecutor’s office was informed that a local family has rented a house. According to neighbors, the family, who filmed the house, was unsuccessful – according to them, there not without of drinking, he not only drank, but also sold. And this time, firefighters arrived to extinguish a house for the first time.