In the Leningrad region a woman on a paraglider crashed on the electric wire

During the flight, the lady lost control of his ultralight aircraft and fell on the power line. The citizen was electrocuted, she was damaged and ended up in the hospital.


Misfortune happened in the Vsevolozhsk district of the Leningrad region in the village Uholovo 4 Nov. On this day the weather was fine, the athletes decided to make paragliding. This idea brought together more than ten people. The victim was 42-year-old woman. During the flight, she made an unsuccessful landing and instead of the hard surface he found himself on the power lines. The lady got burns from the shocks. The victim called an ambulance and took her to the clinic.

Doctors had said the damage is quite serious. At the moment it is unknown what is the status of the woman. Law enforcement officers find out all circumstances of incident. Official statements on this issue has not yet been reported. Doctors initially told that the patient could die.