In the network appeared a hybrid of Harry Potter and Wolverine: Daniel Radcliffe cast a spell

В сети появился гибрид Гарри Поттера и Росомахи: Дэниел Рэдклифф заценил

Daniel Radcliffe

Just recently, the famous British actor Daniel Radcliffe funny joke that can play a fictional character of Marvel comics Wolverine in the new film. This publication reports WIRED.

So, on Monday, February 11, the star of “Harry Potter” responded to popular user queries in search engines. Daniel received a question whether he will be the new performer of the role of Wolverine.

Then the actor jokingly said that the new film will start with how Hugh Jackman (the last performer of the role of Wolverine) “you throw it in the wash”, then on the screen appears Daniel.

It is noted that now the network users are actively discussing the words of Radcliffe. There have been suggestions that for a joke, the actor hid a sensational insider.

In addition, popular social network Instagram artist BossLogic has published fan art on this topic. There he portrayed Daniel in the image of Wolverine.

As you know, Daniel Radcliffe is famous throughout the world for his role as wizard Harry Potter, he played in eight films in the franchise. Among other well-known films with the participation of the British – “the Illusion of deception-2”, “Human Swiss army knife”, “Kill your darlings”.

Earlier we wrote that the company Classic Stills, which is engaged in production of posters, artifacts, and photographs from films and TV series, together with Universal Studios to produce limited edition posters from the movie “Harry Potter and the philosopher’s stone”.

In the company plans to release posters for all eight installments of the franchise. The most dedicated fans will be able to participate in the selection of personnel, which uses Classic Stills for the posters.

Recall that the actor and the protagonist of the film series “Harry Potter” Daniel Radcliffe has decided to reveal the secret to shooting the film, which the creators of the secret of 18 years.

As reported by the portal Znaia the actor gave an interview to The Hollywood Reporter, in which he admitted that on the set he wore false teeth.

The portal also Znayu wrote that Matthew Lewis, star of films about Harry Potter, who played the role of Neville Longbottom, suddenly got back its lost or stolen wallet.

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