In the network appeared the last photo of a dead decl: his hair stand on end

В сети появилось последнее фото мертвого Децла: от него волосы встают дыбом

In the night of Sunday, February 3, after a concert in Izhevsk died famous rapper Kirill Tolmatsky (Decl). The death of 35-year-old musician was a shock to many and has generated a lot of questions. This sends Clutch.

As you know, after a speech on corporate Declo became sick and fell in the dressing room. The photo was taken right after the doctors tried to resuscitate the musician. In the picture the body of Cyril lying on the floor, surrounded by syringes and drugs, the hand of the guy stuck with a plaster. Unfortunately, medical efforts were unsuccessful.

В сети появилось последнее фото мертвого Децла: от него волосы встают дыбом

It should be noted that according to preliminary data, the actor died from cardiac arrest, but the exact data will provide a medical examination.

Interesting is the fact that in one of his interviews in 2015, He said that he had planned to fake his own death.

“I would like to fake his own death at age 35, and go to live on the island. In a few years – need to think on this subject,” he said.

В сети появилось последнее фото мертвого Децла: от него волосы встают дыбом


Earlier it was reported that in a Network there was the last track written by rapper Declan shortly before his death.

The song “Inferno” gives much mystic notes, and if you listen a premonition of death. Cool chorus and repetitive passages that unusual for decl, and however true Delavska dynamism. Fans heard in this kind of a harbinger, a sign that He knew about his care.

In a network there was many conspiracy theories about the death of the artist. Supporters of one of them claim that Tolmatskogo was objectionable to the authorities that cut the truth-womb, so he was poisoned by the security services.

“Initially, the idea for this track and the whole album μετεμψύχωσις (Metempsychosis — Reincarnation), had become part of the soundtrack to the film. Here he acted as composer”, signed on laid in network video.

Recall, February 6 started the funeral ceremony with rapper Declan (Kirill Tolmatsky).

Earlier Znayu reported on the death of a decl appeared on the preliminary results of the examination.

Also Znayu wrote, became aware of what happened in the last minutes of the life of a Russian rapper decl.

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