In the Network appeared the teaser of the remake of “the lion King”

However, fans nostalgic for the painting, did not like the movie.

В Сети появился тизер ремейка «Король лев»

In the network appeared the teaser of the remake of the movie “the lion King”. It was published by Disney. Note that the video was made using CGI technology. On the record shows, as the animals gather at the rocks to greet the young king Simba heir of Mufasa.

The web is full of negative reviews. Users write that the graphics are bad, they didn’t do a remake of “beauty and the beast” and this film will not go. One of the users noticed that the teaser trailer for “Aladdin” is much better than this.

Premiere of the new film “the lion King” in Russia is scheduled for July next year. The Director of the film was made by John Favre. One of the celebrities who voiced the main characters, was by Elton John. Cartoon “the lion King” first appeared on screens in 1994. The film won many popular awards, including three Golden globe and two Academy awards.