In the Pacific went under water one of the Japanese Islands

The disappearance of the island of Asaba of Hamakita kojima off the coast of Hokkaido observed the inhabitants of nearby villages.

В Тихом океане ушел под воду один из японских острововAfter reports of local residents that the island disappeared from sight, the coast guard began to examine the area where Asaba, which, incidentally, was uninhabited, and which was last visited in 1987, and found that the land erosion has washed away, because the island was located quite low above sea level of only half a meter. As a result of the events in Japan decreased by 500 metres.

In General, scientists predict that because of climate change, such cases will only increase. On October 24, because of the powerful hurricane “Balak” went under water one of the Hawaiian Islands, with an area of 4.5 hectares. Experts had predicted a flood, but I believe that it will happen in twenty years. The island was of great importance, as it was inhabited by various representatives of flora and fauna, which, however, managed to move on the neighboring Islands.

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