In the program Malakhov told about the death of famous announcer in poverty and loneliness

Famous for participating in the program “the Time” Yury Kovelenov died a few weeks ago. This event dedicated the next edition of the show “live”.

В программе Малахова рассказали о смерти известного диктора в бедности и одиночестве

The program TV presenter Andrey Malakhov told about the death of famous announcer Yuri Kovelenov. The last days of his life the way the celebrity lived in poverty and solitude. This statement was made by an employee of a charitable organization Olga Bondareva. Previously, the daughter of Kavelenova accused her in the substitution of the will. A woman came to Malakhov to tell the whole truth. It turned out, the heiress speaker Marina Kavelenova absolutely no contact with his father. She moved to Italy and forgot about the family, as remembered about it when we are talking about obtaining property after his death.

Marina Kavelenova in one of the shows said that the Scam charity fraudulently enticed speaker a large sum of money. Bondarev also assures the broadcaster, lived in the mud and needed treatment, which he refused, although he offered support, and therefore died early. Employee of the charitable center passed a polygraph test. The device showed that Bondarev’s telling the truth and was not going to profit at the expense Kavelenova, and acted from the best motives.