In the ROC complaining at the beginning of the persecution of the clergy in the Ukraine

The reason for such statements was the prohibition of the UOC-MP to use the buildings in the Ternopil region, was signed at the Ministry of justice of Ukraine.

В РПЦ жалуются на начало гонений священнослужителей на Украине


In this event responded in the ROC. Archpriest Nikolay Balashov, complained at the beginning of the persecution of the clergy because of the position of the Kiev authorities. He is convinced that Ukraine has forgotten the spiritual eternal values, oriented to the achievement of interim goals. This will negatively affect religion and the destructive impact on the consciousness of believers. According to Balashova, statesmen are trying to make supporters of the questionable organization, the true Orthodox.

The representative of the Russian Orthodox Church said that priests have to drive out of the mansion by force. Balashov asks the question, whom the Kiev government is going to occupy the empty buildings and he gives the answer. In his opinion, far from religion policy will attract to the organization of the executors of state orders that are not concerned about the soul and think only about their own benefit.