In the Russian colony there was a revolt: people jumped through Windows to escape

В российской колонии произошел бунт: люди выскакивали через окна, спасаясь

The Russian colony was a conflict between prisoners. The incident occurred in a correctional colony No. 5, the Russian city of Samara.

Details of an accident told, after visiting victims in the hospital, the Commissioner for human rights in the region Olga Galtsova, the website Today.

В российской колонии произошел бунт: люди выскакивали через окна, спасаясь

“I really had a detailed discussion with each of the victims. They told me what happened. Mostly, the victims – with the 1st squad, is hozotryad. This was a complete surprise – on the second floor and then to the third floor flew into a crowd of angry convicts, they were the objects, including, and metal” she said.

The official also added that during the riot in the colony was turned off the light, so many suffered very serious blows to the arms and head. Also, some inmates jumped during the riots from the window, but they managed to avoid fractures.

In turn, the victims claim that the unrest in the colony continued for about 30 minutes, no one had planned.

В российской колонии произошел бунт: люди выскакивали через окна, спасаясь

“Their assumptions, a conflict between a representative of their group with some prisoners appeared at lunchtime resulted in dinner events. The guys from 4th and 8th squad, which was allegedly hit by fragments of glass (broken during the riots from the Windows. – ed.) saying that before was not even close of rumors that there was something there,” said galtsov.

Now all the victims in a Russian prison was taken to the hospital regional state penitentiary, where they receive necessary medical assistance.

We will remind, the Ukrainian Director and now a political prisoner Oleg Sentsov sent a letter in which he said that sports, almost back to his weight, and he is doing well, as reported by human rights activist Nikolai Shchur.

As said Schur: “Hello all Ukrainian captives, sailors and thanks to all the volunteers who help them.”

As reported Know.ia, the Ukrainian seamen fell into the hands of the FSB: building a case.

Also Znayu wrote half a dozen Ukrainians arrested abroad. They are kept directly in the port and it is not known when will return.

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