In the state Duma decided to rename the Crimea: to call in Russian

В Госдуме решили переименовать Крым: назвать по-русски

Scandalous Deputy of the Russian state Duma, the LDPR leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky has suggested to rename annexed the Crimea from Ukraine.

The corresponding statement he made in the occupation “of the State Council of Kazakhstan” visited “on the occasion of the fifth anniversary of the reunification of the Peninsula with Russia.”

В Госдуме решили переименовать Крым: назвать по-русски

Vladimir Zhirinovsky

Zhirinovsky believes that Russia should become a unitary state, and all the republics of the region. In particular, the Peninsula was annexed by a politician proposes to make the Taurian area.

“To remove the word Federation, and the sound of it we have to remove the word Republic, including the Crimea. Taurian area. In Russian, and the oblast, and came up with the Republic of Crimea. Is what language the Crimea? You know, what is the Crimea? This Turkic word “cut”. Kyrym, because the entire Peninsula is cut. That’s why the name is Turkish name. So a Turkish flag was removed, and the name of the country left. Tauris – that’s all“. quote Zhirinovsky controlled by the invaders from Russia media

В Госдуме решили переименовать Крым: назвать по-русски


Recall, the French delegation arrived on the feast of “the reunification of the Crimea with Russia,” March 13, than angered Ukrainians. In the delegation consisted of 12 people, among them – President of the Association “Franco-Russian dialogue” Thierry Mariani, a Deputy from the Department of Vaucluse Jean-Claude Boucher, mayor of the city of Brienne-Le-Chateau, Nicolas Duik, mayor of the city of Biguglia Sauveur, Gandolfi-Sat, honourable members of Parliament, France Michel Voisin and George Fenech and two journalists – reporter magazine Éléments Christoph Latos and reporter of the TV channel TV Libertés Guillaume Sanjorge. It is known that Thierry Mariani received a jubilee medal dedicated to the fifth anniversary of the Russian annexation of the Peninsula from the speaker of the Russian Parliament of Crimea. Mariani – the first politician who was awarded this medal.

В Госдуме решили переименовать Крым: назвать по-русски

Before that, a delegation of French politicians visited Moscow. It is reported that the visit will last until March 16. The so-called “Chairman of the Committee of the state Council of the Republic on health-resort complex and tourism” Alexey Chernyak said that this visit is very important for Crimea.

We will remindthat instead of the railroad, left the trash on the Kerch bridge

Also, the portal Know.ia reported that Crimea will not get neither Russia nor Ukraine: forecast of the astrologer.

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