In the Tula school student brought a “Kinder-surprise” of mercury

In the village of Tovarkovskiy there was a spill of 20-30 grams of mercury brought by the student.

В Тульской школе ученица принесла «Киндер-сюрприз» с ртутью

The incident occurred on the morning of November 19. The schoolgirl of the second class was armed with a “kinder-surprise” with more than 20 grams of mercury, which later was dispensed at school. About this incident to the control Center in crisis situations the message arrived at 13:15 local time.

Was held an emergency evacuation, due to which more than 200 students and faculty were not injured. The school is currently closed for quarantine. Emergency workers produce demerkurizatsiya. According to the staff of chemical, radiological laboratory, all visible particles of mercury have been removed, and the surface is treated with a special substance.

In connection with the incident, employees of the regional Prosecutor’s office are investigating. During the investigation the Prosecutor’s office intends to find out why the child appeared so much toxic substances and the conditions in which the child is brought up.