In the US abandoned a military response to the conflict in the Kerch Strait

But, despite this fact, the international community must react in diplomatic and economic terms, the restriction of shipping, said Joseph Dunford.

В США отказались от военного ответа на конфликт в Керченском проливе

Joseph Dunford, the acting Chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, said that Pentagon officials refused to make any military response to the recent conflict in the Kerch Strait. While Joseph Dunford also said that the international community should in some form to react to what is happening in the sea of Azov, and in particular the actions of the Russian side. At the moment there is a process of discussion of diplomatic and economic response to the restriction of movement of courts in Kerch Strait.

Dunford gave evidence that continued to liaise with a colleague from the Russian Federation, chief of the General staff Valery Gerasimov, and this contact is needed to reduce the risk of a possible future military conflict, and in addition help make interaction on the situation in the situation in Syria. In the event of a crisis, the contact between staffs of the US and Russia will help to solve it, says Dunford.