In Voronezh rink was formed from the feces

As a result of the breakthrough of sewage pipes sewage spilled into the street and froze.

В Воронеже образовался каток из фекалий


The incident happened in the centre of Voronezh. The local TV channel was published the Amateur video, which shows that the accident on one of the branches of stinking sewage waste flowed down the road and the sidewalk of one of the Voronezh streets and frozen in a result of freezing temperatures.

The consequence of this breakthrough was the formation of ice from the feces with an unpleasant odor near the scene of the accident.

On the facts of the incident, local residents asked the public utilities, however, the repair was refused. According to employees of the company, which serves this area, the pipe unattended. They advised residents to wait.

Later, the residents appealed to the mayor, but there also was refused. After some time, after receiving numerous complaints, the accident also eliminated the staff of the water utility.

From the moment of breakthrough to eliminate it took about 10 days, said local residents.