Indonesia three day prolonged search operation of Boeing 737

The head of the Indonesian search and rescue Agency Muhammad Saugy said at a press conference that the seabed is not raised a lot of workers.

Индонезия на три дня продлила поисковую операцию самолёта Boeing 737

In addition to the wreckage of the Boeing 737 airliner that crashed at sea on Monday 29 October, rescuers need to find the second black box. According to representatives of the government, the first flight data recorder is damaged. Investigators still do not have the transcripts of the cockpit – an important element of any investigation of the crash.

The decision to extend the search an additional three days was made to get the remains of the dead. Recall that in the crash killed all 189 people aboard. Currently identified only 7 bodies, the experts have to see another 98 tel: Indonesian rescuers say the search is complicated undercurrents and mud on the seabed. Preliminary results of the investigation will be published after 30 days.