Internet resources will help native American tribes in the face of climate change – scientists

This project started 2 years ago by experts at the University of Washington.

Интернет-ресурсы помогут индейским племенам в условиях изменения климата – учёные

North-Western scientific centre for climate adaptation has found that many Indian tribes do not have their network resources for tracking weather events. Native Americans are faced with the problem of timely response to climate change. Many tribes are deeply connected to their natural environment in the power of culturally significant practices and traditions, health, or livelihood. For most of them it’s important to stay in familiar environment and that makes it impossible to migrate to other places even due to a changing climate. Scientists have developed a number of online resources that will help each of the 84 tribes located in the North-West of the USA.

They include climatic tools that provide interactive reports and forecasts the weather changes, the data on annual precipitation, temperature fluctuations, fire, and other information. Sites targeting Indians, combine the achievements of modern science and indigenous techniques based on traditional knowledge of their ecological niches. Specialists in the preparation of algorithms of sites took into account the needs of 84 tribes of nature weather factors and specific area of habitat of different groups of Indians.

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