iOS 13 will expand the possibilities of NFC module in the iPhone

iOS 13 расширит возможности NFC-модуля в iPhone

iOS 13

It is no secret that Apple has released another update for the iPhone called iOS 13. And while it may seem that in addition to the night mode, nothing has changed, the company did a great job, and the number of changes is through the roof. No change no NFC chip that allows you to make contactless payments service.

IOS 13 Apple intends to expand the access of developers to the NFC module built in to the iPhone. As reported by thematic portal NFCWorld, with the release of smartphones can read RFID chips in biometric passports and other documents. This means that the chip in all smartphones from Apple (iPhone 6) will be able to process data from passports. Badly it or is good – is still unknown, but the smartphone has been yet another function, which you can not use it at all or it will come in handy.

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As a result, in the App Store there will be many applications for digitizing documents that were previously available only to users of Android devices because of the lack of restrictions on the use of NFC. Apple company decided to catch up to Android in functionality, and she is doing great.

iOS 13 расширит возможности NFC-модуля в iPhone

Recall that the experts ranked the most reliable smartphone in the world. Surprisingly, Apple Corporation that is renowned for the quality of their gadgets, took only third place. In the top three, not even Samsung, which sells its flagship at a price of thousands of dollars. First place went to Huawei, which has stormed the smartphone market with its cheap smartphones.

Earlier Znayu reported that Google found viruses embedded in Android smartphones. Surprisingly, these viruses appeared on smartphones during their Assembly. In other words, the malicious code was installed right from the factory.

Znayu wrote that the Google Pixel 4, which will show in October 2019, appeared in quality pictures. Now we can consider the device from all sides. Among other things, in the eye catches it single camera. It seems that the company does not want to deviate from his principles and continues to improve a photo using neural networks.

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