iOS 13 will teach iPhone to detect tails users

iOS 13 научит iPhone выявлять "хвосты" за пользователями

iOS 13

In the new version of iOS, presented at WWDC 2019, much attention is paid to the protection of personal data. Beta testers of the new operating system have found that now users will inform the extent to which apps collect data about its movements.

iOS 13 научит iPhone выявлять "хвосты" за пользователями

It seems that the company did not want to repeat the mistakes of Facebook, which was the leak of millions of users to third parties. In any case, the security services from Apple Corporation, and without it was on top, but Apple is not planning to stop there.

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The notice will be marked on the map exactly where the app recorded your presence. Will also be given explanation: the application developer needs to explain why he is tracking you. In case you are not satisfied with the explanation, the tracking can be disabled. A great feature that definitely will not be in Android soon.

iOS 13 научит iPhone выявлять "хвосты" за пользователями

Recall that the Xiaomi company presented the new toothbrush, which will become your personal dentist. The gadget has a touch screen, and also a huge number of different modes to provide effective cleaning of the teeth. Note that brush only costs a thousand hryvnia, and for the money users will get a smart toothbrush that tells how effectively you clean your teeth.

Earlier Znayu reported that Mozilla got a big update. Now third-party sites can track information about users who visit them. Thus, the company wants to protect network users from unwanted collection of information that is often illegal. Now the brother from Google, a powerful competitor that is able to transcend the search engine in the browser market.

Znayu wrote that Apple with release of iOS added support for gamepads on the iPhone. This is great news for those who love to play mobile games using the touch screen, and trust the controller from your favorite console.

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