iPad Mini 5 Apple showed in the network: release date, price

iPad Mini 5 от Apple показали в сети: дата выхода, цена

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In January this year reported that Compal Electronics had been chosen by the manufacturer of the new tablet Apple, which is tentatively called the iPad Mini 5. However, the new tablet will get a screen of 10 inches, so he’s not really going to differ from huge smartphones. And yet, it is quite pleasant, making the tablet odnim of the cheapest devices from Apple Corporation.

iPad Mini 5 от Apple показали в сети: дата выхода, цена

Well-known analyst Ming-Chi Kuo (Ming-Chi Kuo) said earlier that the iPad Mini 5 will get a new single-chip system, and relatively inexpensive screen. the iPad 4 was introduced in September 2015, so time to update this line of budget smartphones.

Now we have pictures of the protective film and case for iPad Mini 5, which confirm that significant changes in plan design do not have to wait. Also, the Network leaked the price list of different versions of the device in the UK.

iPad Mini 5 от Apple показали в сети: дата выхода, цена

A younger version with 32 GB flash memory will cost 379 pounds, and the older will ask for 589 pounds. The announcement is expected on March 25, and in addition to her present, and other gadgets.

Recall that in the Google Play for Android devices new record – Google Maps. The app was downloaded about 5 million times, this is a record to date. Despite the fact that this application is installed “factory”, it counts as a download, because Google aggressively impose their products, and this applies to Android.

Earlier Znayu reported that Xiaomi Mi 9, which became a hit even before the official release, disgraced Corporation. The fact that the company wanted as soon as possible to collect the right amount of smartphones, but the company eventually disgraced before the world. The fact that in smartphones there’s no flash. Yes, Xiaomi just forgot to put in a smartphone flash.

Znayu wrote that the head of OnePlus has decided to abandon the headphones in favor of wireless. In future smartphones will not have headphone jacks that will provoke new and more interesting headphones.

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