iPhone 8 Plus fell sharply in price

Over the years it has fallen almost 25 percent.

iPhone 8 Plus резко упал в цене

“Eight” went on sale in Russia last fall. Then the cost of the gadget amounted to 65 thousand rubles. At the moment, the smartphone fell by 25 percent and can be purchased for less than 50 thousand rubles.

One of the lowest prices on iPhone 8 Plus observed in the Metropolitan area. It is due to the high competitiveness of the gadgets in this area.

According to experts, the smartphone is cheaper due to the fact that at the time did not get a great demand among users.

However, experts from Мail.ru Hi-Tech said that at the moment, the iPhone 8 Plus may be a viable alternative to the more expensive model XR,the price of which now fluctuates from 64 to 80 thousand rubles, depending on the parameters. The experts noted that the difference between the two models is small, but has a Plus 8 with the more familiar fingerprint scanner, which for many users is a significant factor.