Iron man exists: a Man built a device that works with the neural connections

The Briton said that the navigation system using the standard GPS chip will allow people to see the world differently.

Железный человек существует: Мужчина встроил себе прибор, работающий с помощью нейронной связи

Employee tech company Cyborgnest Liviu Babitz has developed an implant that attaches to the skin through a titanium piercing. Waterproof device with a length of 2.5 cm gently vibrates every time he looks at North. 38-year-old man said that he had built a device that works with the neural connections to reveal additional possibilities of the human brain. Babitz hopes that it will end man’s dependence on mobile devices. They are motivated by a desire to not only prove that it is possible to create a combined cyber-organism, such as the cinematic “iron man”, but a desire for practical help to society.

The Briton believes that can potentially help the blind and visually impaired people to more effectively navigate in space. The device with a silicone coating, according to Liviu, will provide an opportunity to identify your location, like a bird. Skeptics questioned the need for this invention. They believe that any smartphone will bring less benefit and it is not necessary to oppose the better – good.