“It’s time for me to fly the dovecote”: the tomb of Nachalovo went berserk

"Пора разворошить эту голубятню": на могиле Началовой устроили жуткий скандал

Popular Russian journalist Dmitry Borisov was at the center of a gay scandal after said transfer of the possible alcoholism of the singer Yulia Nachalova. An angry post in the direction of lead wrote Alyosha Mirny on the page in Facebook.

Peace familiar with the Russian show business, PR and journalism.

"Пора разворошить эту голубятню": на могиле Началовой устроили жуткий скандал

Dmitry Borisov

“The day of the funeral of Julia, Nachalova, Dima Borisov suggests the topic of alcoholism and the singer relishes her illness. Dima, if Julia and preburial and carefully hid it, like all diseases, it is definitely not your damn business. Come on, ***, you’re not going to climb, and we’re not going to tell anyone that you’ve been sleeping for 8 years with the star of the Disney channel and chips lay’s Bob the Rakasha. You in the first place, then of ether, like a man – ***”, angrily spoke peace.

Such a loud statement about the personal life of the popular presenter has not gone unnoticed. However, the views of network users divided. Some put Alesha in a rebuke to unexpected revelations about the intimate life of Borisov, while others supported it and noted that it has long been time to do it.

“Right, it’s time for me to fly the dovecote”, “Television in General has lost the human purpose for learning to expand the horizons of the people, to instill in people the real culture” – outraged followers.

Recall, disguised Sands smiled at the tomb of Nachalovo. Alexander Peskov shocked those present at the burial of Nachalovo appearance.

As reported Know. ua, Katya LEL told about the last minutes of the life of Nachalovo. At the funeral of Yulia Nachalova appeared singer Katya LEL and talked about their last meeting.

Also Know As. ua wrote that Yulia Nachalova spent in the last journey with tears and thunderous applause. Famous Russian singer Julia Nachalova spent in the last path with applause and shouts of “Bravo!”.

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