Jamal announced important information about the Eurovision song contest in 2019, but fans look at her neckline

Джамала сообщила важную информацию о Евровидении 2019, но поклонники смотрят на ее декольте


The famous Ukrainian singer, winner of “Eurovision”, and more recently – even a young mother, Jamal often pleases fans with news of his creative life in Instagram. This time the singer has published a striking photo, which poses in seductive way and tells the news about the start of the national selection for Eurovision-2019.

The photo that appeared in the account Jamala, she poses in elegant dress with a racy neckline which is a bit bare Breasts of the actress. Her dress is white, but on the shoulders tied in the grey zone. The singer’s hair is slicked back in a stylish styling, and her face makeup. In the caption, Jamal shared his thoughts regarding the next national selection for Eurovision-2019.

“Today, 100 days before the start of @eurovision, which this year will take place in Israel, in tel Aviv. And this Saturday kicks off our nation selection! To be honest, haven’t listened to all contest songs, but very happy because we have again very interesting, a truly musical composition: creative @brunettesshootblondes and theatre @tsesho__ to dance @maruvofficial and many others. I’m already really excited and waiting for Saturday night live. It will not be easy, because each of the artists you meet at different venues, love and respect their work. But in this competition everyone is equal, does not matter neither the experience nor the number of awards and past accomplishments. Leaving the scene of the contest, you must be ready for a full reset. I want to draw your attention! It is very important that you were ill and did not vote just for the performer, namely for the song. You have to detach yourself from personal affection and to see this artist or group on the European stage. It’s a responsibility, because we choose a song that you will hear from Ukraine! And you already listened to the song? What will you say?” – written by Jamal.

Recall, Jamal changed his image for the sake of the cult of gloss.

Previously portal “Znayu” reported that Jamal showed fans a grown son.

Also, the portal “Znayu” he wrote that Jamal played a trick on the fans, put up a touching picture.

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