Jamal became a target for the army of bots: dispersed “zradu”

Джамала стала мишенью для армии ботов: разгоняют "зраду"

After the final national selection for Eurovision 2019, at which members of the jury asked the participants questions about their positions on the war and the annexation of the Crimea, against Jamala turned a planned campaign. This was complained to the PR Director singer Dennis Kozlowski.

His statement he commented: “the firing of the gun, under the guise of sensation and compromising to give the known facts, was the blog of the Sharia, in which he used a question Jamala to MARUV about the Crimea and her comments about the parents of Anna Maria. This immediately joined the army of bots, which began to leave hundreds of identical comments under all the posts Jamala in Facebook and Instagram, under all video Jamala Youtube, and news that relate to national selection”.

Джамала стала мишенью для армии ботов: разгоняют "зраду"

Kozlovsky also said that the accounts with monotonous messages are clearly fake, while the negative messages are constantly coming at Jamala. He added: “If we were dealing with the negative reaction of real people, followers EN masse would have unsubscribed from the page. But we have the opposite: not unsubscribed no man nor Facebook, nor Instagram, on the contrary, there is an increase above average.”

The reaction of some media surprised the PR Director of the singer, as they began to publish the compromising materials with different headings. Kozlowski said, “We are dealing with the incredible manipulation of facts and shift of emphasis. Example concerts is very revealing. Is my review about concerts in 2014 that I gave in October 2017, but then it did not cause absolutely no resonance. But when it sounded Shary, it was a great material to disperse “zradu.”

Джамала стала мишенью для армии ботов: разгоняют "зраду"

Information on citizenship of parents Jamala is also used for these purposes, despite the fact that the singer always says, where her parents live. Kozlowski recalled that everybody knows about the issuance of Russian passports to inhabitants of the Peninsula, because without them there is impossible.

In conclusion, the PR Director said: “During these three days that have passed since the national selection, I was convinced that Jamal was a target for the planned operation to divide Ukrainian society and the deepening of internal contradictions. She is one of the few moral authorities in this country, and now the authority of all the forces trying to undermine”.

We will remind, earlier it was noted that a famous Ukrainian writer was outraged by the Ukrainian government, which, in her opinion, provoked the loss of reputation in the country.

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