Jamal expressed after the broadcast of the national selection for Eurovision 2019

Джамала высказала все после эфира Нацотбора на Евровидение 2019


The famous Ukrainian singer, winner of “Eurovision”, and more recently – even a young mother, Jamal often pleases fans with news of his creative life in Instagram. This time the singer has published a striking photo, which poses on the set of the National selection for the Eurovision song contest in 2019. In his post, Jamal said that thinking about artists who tried out this year.

The photo that appeared in the account Jamala, she is posing in a stylish outfit during the filming of the second semi-final of national selection. Live star member of the jury came in an elegant black dress with an unusual collar, which shows a bright print. Jamala hair straightened and dissolved, and on the face discreet make-up. In the caption, the actress and jury member expressed everything he thinks about the participants of the national selection.

“I’m glad the majority of the audience voted national selection for the group, which has existed for a long time, @freedomjazz_official. Their artistry and professionalism saw! It was a very cool performance! And you felt it. @annamariaduet – another cool singer, very cool sing. In my opinion, their song is too predictable. Although, perhaps, for a contest it is not bad. @Kazka.band. I noted that Sasha has really grown as a singer this year. The song and the room is quite interesting, but still had some questions to her singing live! I think in the final, they will be much more difficult, because they are waiting for a serious competition from @freedomjazz_official, @maruvofficial, @yukoua and @brunettesshoitblondes.

I want to say again about the interesting timbre @ado.khayt! In addition, I really liked his way of communicating with the host and judges the answers. This is a very cool impression of him! He is very polite man. And here I could not resist and now worried that this isn’t quite right with the citation of his songs. Recognize and personally apologized! I wish him to become more confident in his vocals and songwriting. I really want to see it at the next national selection. @laud_vk remains for me pop-soul performer, who is still in search for their song for Eurovision. Its current composition is very good as the singles @letay_official and @bahroma. This is a wonderful Ukrainian songs! I do like that after the nation selection replenished the Treasury of our Ukrainian music. Importantly, these songs remain, listen, and love them! Thank you all! Waiting for the finale!”. – written by Jamal.

Fans did not remain indifferent and began to comment on the publication of Jamala. Followers delighted with the luxurious image of the singer and covered her with compliments in the comments. Many also began to Express their opinion about the participants of the national selection.

Recall, Jamal changed his image for the sake of the cult of gloss.

Previously portal “Znayu” reported that Jamal showed fans a grown son.

Also, the portal “Znayu” he wrote that Jamal played a trick on the fans, put up a touching picture.

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