Jamal showed touching photos with the family: all in the collection

Джамала показала трогательные снимки с семьей:  все в сборе

Work Jamala’s not easy: you have to constantly write and present a song, to act, to participate in different projects in the National selection for “Eurovision.

However, she still finds time for family life. And it’s not just about the husband and the son – the singer does not forget about his parents, his sister and always happy.

Джамала показала трогательные снимки с семьей:  все в сборе


In honor of the birthday of the mother of Jamal along with her sister gave her the occasion, gathered all together. To the delight of the fans, Jamal shared sharing a photo with loved ones in Instagram and got hundreds of nice comments. It’s great when family can get together!

Джамала показала трогательные снимки с семьей:  все в сборе

Джамала показала трогательные снимки с семьей:  все в сборе

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