Japanese scientists announced the world’s first “artificial stars”

Artificial “meteorites” is planned to be implemented in 2020.

Японские ученые анонсировали первый в мире «искусственный звездопад»

For the project, the Japanese company ALE Co plans to launch a satellite into space that will run from orbit towards Earth special bulbs that are burning in the atmosphere will create the effect of falling meteorites.

For implementation of the project will be built a small satellite, which is planned to load 400 metal balls. The satellite is scheduled to launch with the spacecraft “Epsilon-4”. The start to be implemented in January next year. According to the authors, initially the satellite orbit, which is located at a distance of 400 kilometers from Earth, however, before running the balls falls a distance of 100 kilometers.

The developers said that the balls will begin to burn in the dense layers of the atmosphere at a distance of approximately 60 kilometers from the Earth.

Himself “meteor shower” will be held in the spring of 2020. It can be observed in Japan, in the square with a diameter of 200 kilometers.