Jared Leto shocked fans feminine way: rhinestones, sparkles and bristles

Джаред Лето шокировал поклонниц женственным образом: стразы, блестки и щетина

Famous actor and singer of the band “30 seconds to Mars” Jared Leto was already 47 years old but he looks twenty years younger. Fans have already begun to suspect that the star of “suicide Squad” – a vampire.

Recently it became known that Jared Leto will play the anti-hero in kenogamissi “Morbius” of the immortal vampires. While all wait in anticipation of the first frame from filming, the actor has decided to lift the veil of secrecy and to try on the image of the vampire for a photo shoot.

Recently, Instagram musician has footage from the shooting for a glossy magazine Numéro magazine. In pictures of Jared posing with long hair in style: it’s elegant suits from Gucci and unusual accessories. On one of the photos Summer appeared in the choker with rhinestones and enormous glasses.

In the comments to the photo fans admire the photo shoot and please show more.

“Looks like a real vampire”, “what costume Morbius ???? More vampire style!!!!”, “Choker — fire”, “You handsome man, even in female form”, “a penetrating Look. Right in the heart”, “All aging is not going to, right?) Beautiful as always,” write in the comments.

Джаред Лето шокировал поклонниц женственным образом: стразы, блестки и щетина

Recall, frontman of 30 Seconds to Mars, actor Jared Leto during a video chat on his page in the social network Instagram was contacted and a few minutes had a nice talk with the Ukrainian.

Earlier Znayu reported, actor Jared Leto celebrated his 47th birthday and pictures from the party showed in the network. The photo that appeared in the account of Jared Leto, he poses shirtless and in a Santa Claus hat. Fans noted that the 47-year-old actor is very beautiful and relief body, which shows those abs.

Also Znayu wrote, Jared Leto decided to give fans a real manual on how to believe in themselves and overcome all the fears and phobias.

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