Javier Bardem : “You know nothing about Skyfall”

Javier Bardem : "Vous ne saurez rien sur Skyfall"

In 2012, the First had met with the interpreter of Silva, the opponent memorable of James Bond to (try to) talk about Skyfall.

Javier Bardem is definitely one of the most outstanding villains of the James Bond series. Yet, when we met him in 2012, just before the release of Skyfall, the actor had not the right to say on 007… or on its role. In the re-reading after the fact, his interview is, however, interesting. We are republishing to wait until the replay of the film, Sunday night on France 2. You can also find here our recap’ of the masterclass of the actor, which took place this week at the Light festival :

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Javier, what can you tell me about Silva ? Nothing ! NOTHING at ALL (laughs) ! Go hi.

Uh… no, but seriously Serious. That said, we still have 14 minutes to talk about what you want. We can talk about football. I have a question : you align that to the Euro ? You know who will be in the France team ?

Oh well, I don’t know anything. In fact, I couldn’t care less even completely. Sorry. Thin, me it interests me. Good this is not serious. So… Silva…

Silva, exactly ! Hmmmm. That is what I can say about Silva ? You saw the 4 minutes ?

Yes. You have loved ?

Ben… it was four minutes… (laughter). Yes, but it was good no ? Ca you’ve got a little bit excited ?

Yes, but it was four minutes ! Well, in any case, it is difficult to speak of Silva for me. You have not seen the film and me. So, I do not even know what they have done to my work. You know how it works : there is a world between what you intend to do with your character, and what remains on the screen. In 99% of cases, when you watch the movie, you say to yourself “OK ! Not bad ! But I really do that ?” . You can give what you want, after they cut, they go up and it does not look like not necessarily what you had expected.

And ? Compared to Silva ? (laughter). You’re tough as nails ! (seriously) let’s Say that the idea was to find a common ground between reality and fiction. With a tribute to the villains of the saga… The movie as such is very powerful and it brews the topics are very strong. The character they offered me was dense and really, there are scenes… Wow… Spectacular. And then : Sam Mendes to the achievement, the James Bond of the 50-year-old… How to say no ?

Ah yes, you can’t really say nothing of the film, in fact ! (laughter) I had warned you. Try to tell me what you think rather. We’ll see !

OK. The hair cut made me think of Chigurh, a character in No Country For Old Men. Hmmm. Chigurh, with the Coen’s, it worked as a symbol. The symbol disembodied violence and evil. Silva is more “human”. It has different colors.

The blonde ? Yes, it was my dream, to play a blonde ! and it happened with Silva (laughter) ! On paper he was a complex character, bent. Every time I start a movie, there is only one thing that matters to me, and that is : what is the character ? If I see that I can make things, so I pounced. When I read the script, I knew that it was a James Bond. But I wanted to know what there was to play. And Silva was really interesting. Sam was open to discussion. And when we started to talk about it, I realized that it would be fun to play. That there was a space for imagination, for creation. I also had another fear : that the shooting is a camp of para-military (it is Leap even so, with what it contains of secret, constraints and rules). But then again, I realized that Sam left the place to its actors, that we could play again, have fun and create things in the moment ! I really had the place to feed the character.

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You cover on Julian Assange ? …. All the world knows. The villains of the saga are often modeled on real “bad guys” of the reality. In Licence to kill , for example, it was Noriega ; and I don’t know why, I thought of Assange… You’ve really given that 4 minutes (laughter)… It is because of the blonde wig ?… Hmmm… Assange ? It is clever, but… I don’t say anything. However, where you are right, it is that good villains of the saga have always played with paranoïas and the fears of the spectators. It’s not just clowns or villains of operettas. The enemies of 007 embody the concerns of the time that created them.

This is the case for Silva ? You’ll see !

The villains of James Bond are also very often caricatures. You dreaded ? I was not afraid, because in reading the script, I knew that Silva was more complex than I imagined. And Sam was careful that Skyfall never disappears in the cartoon, while respecting the charter of the saga.

In the 4 minutes that I’ve seen, you don cree not, you are never in the demo… at The time, I have the impression that your villain is cold, without mercy. Am I wrong ? Remember… 4 MIIIINUTES ! I can just tell you that the mix between fantasy and reality, which sets the saga allows you precisely to be in the delirium, and the next minute in a thing very realistic. It is a roller coaster in terms of the scope of the game.

You had naughty references ? No. The film is unique, really, even if it also plays the card of the tribute. So, I did not want to review movies, not to be influenced.

And your villain favorite of the saga ? Jaws, without hesitation. Because I love Richard Kiel, who aroused the emotion behind his jaw of steel. When it becomes nice in Moonraker, it’s great ! Behind the monster, all of a sudden we saw a human… I also love the woman of Good kisses of Russia, with the shoes of daggers ! (it mimics the strokes of the feet of Rosa Klebb) Chk chk ! It was cool it ! Press officer : “Last question !

Gosh ! Uh… Your best experience on the shoot ? I had to play a scene opposite Judi and Daniel… I’m talking to M and it is a scene intense. Really great. And all of a sudden, I turn to Daniel. During the first take, I remember being told at this exact moment : “Oh Shit ! Ca is there, you’re in a James Bond !” And… I forgot my text ! Sam turned to me and said to me : “Javier, what’s happening ?” And I sputtered a poor “I forgot my text.” It was one of the first scenes I was shooting. That is to say at what point it is intimidating.

Well, ben, thank you… and good luck for the day promo Ho, don’t worry, it’s going to be fun ! And I’m a good soldier, well trained. You know nothing about Skyfall… but really need to as I know that you are going to put on the ground to The Euro !

Interview by Gaël Golhen

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