Jean-Luc Picard will be back in Star Trek as early as 2019 !

Jean-Luc Picard sera de retour dans Star Trek dès 2019 !

The production has just started…

David Nevins, chief creative officer at CBS Corporation, recently appointed, has revealed that Jean-Luc Picard will be back next year on our screens ! Patrick Stewart would return to his role of worship in 2019, in the series derived from the Star Trek : New Generation, on the platform CBS All Access.

“In 2019, this is not a Star Trek that you see, but two Star Trek ! Discovery in the beginning of the year, and Picard will be launched in the end of the year, “said Nevins during the 46th edition of the conference UBS Global Media (via The Wrap).

Patrick Stewart post a first photo of the new Star Trek

An ad that is surprising, when we know that the new series Star Trek has just started its production.

Remember that Star Trek : Discovery returns for its season 2 on the 17th of January next, on CBS All Access, and in France on Netflix.