Jean Provencher: “Lifestyles must change”

“I am a historian, but no more experienced than anyone, because the great story of the flu, the beggar, remains to be done. Besides, and I do not think I am mistaken, it seems to me that this time, we have removed the word flu to pass to virus. What difference is there, doctors would tell us.
“I have known two influenza that led to school closings: that of 1957, known as Asian A (H2N2), and that of 2009, H1N1. This time, the COVID-19 flu seems more virulent than the previous ones and we are in the middle of it. Recommendations to the population follow one another and we live in hope. Personally, I hope that we will avoid stigmatizing age groups: the time should definitely not be to stigma.

“To occupy our long moments of solitude, I would be a bad adviser, because, self-employed for 42 years, solitude has become a way of life. And, for four years, having put the TV outside, I spend my evenings reading. Happiness. Every other day, I reach my humble place in the countryside to feed a wild cat that has lived there outside for 18 months. This Juliet allows me to note the events of life outside the tension of the cities. I also thank her for each visit. Frequenting nature is restful.

“All of us are doing our time in the face of this virus. But if I have hope for very soon, it is to go beyond the simple everyday facts that we are served and that we now move on to a reflection on the aftermath. Lifestyles must change. My son, who lives in France with his family, reports to me daily that many Europeans – Gaspard Koenig, Pascal Bruckner, François Lenglet, Bruno Latour, Hubert Védrine, David Grossman, Yves Citton and Jacopo Rasmi – are already in full reflection and are starting really to make a serious place for Nature.

“We have to come in our turn and as soon as possible. Above all, what we are going through must not be useless. ”

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