Jesus Christ walked during a walk in the clouds: a video from the window of an airplane

Иисуса Христа застукали во время прогулки по облакам: видео из окна самолета

Not so long ago, 30-year-old Irishman Nick O Donahue, who works as a Manager in the field of software, flew from Austria to London. The flight, as usual, fun was hard to call. But in one moment everything changed and more this trip, which occurred at an altitude of 10 thousand meters, he will never forget, as reported by naviny.

Иисуса Христа застукали во время прогулки по облакам: видео из окна самолета

Nick shares his memories: “I was flying home after a work trip to Austria. In the next row flew some students who were chatting like crazy. I looked out the window and saw this figure. She definitely had concrete shape”.

The Irishman could not believe my own eyes, and then asked the girl who sat next to him to look out the window. O Donahue said that she was also struck, after which the plane went behind the clouds, and the incredible picture disappeared. However, before that, the Irish managed to make a few photos.

Иисуса Христа застукали во время прогулки по облакам: видео из окна самолета

O Donoghue says: “we saw All this in two minutes. For me, this object was very similar to man, but to be honest, I have no idea what it was. Me in the comments wrote that it is the top layer of clouds, which were very close to each other. But from what I saw, I was stunned so that I will never believe that it was just clouds. Too weak an explanation.”

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