“Jewish soul!”: Buzova advertises Potemkin for free dresses – fans

For the free outfits Olga Buzova ready to turn your Instagram account into an advertising site, to tell fans.

«Еврейская душа!»: Бузова рекламирует Потёмкину ради бесплатных платьев – фанаты

Olga Buzova recently visited a fashion boutique of her friend and designer Bella Potemkina, where he tried on a few outfits and, of course, reported it to their subscribers in Instagram. Fans Buzova outraged a lot of advertisements on the page of a celebrity and felt that Olga, most likely, advertise Potemkin for the free dresses. It is worth Recalling that the very Buzova has repeatedly said that delighted with the outfits of the brand Bella Potemkina.

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“I do not go!”????That’s exactly how I feel in the boutique Bella @bellapotemkinaofficial ????Almost the first I saw yesterday the complete collection ! Honestly, I’m in shock????So many beautiful outfits and sparkly gowns and skin-tight mini, and solemn cases MIDI..! And coats and boots – the dream of all girls!)) Came with a full package of Bella Potemkina!) Belocca , good to see you!))) In your boutique @boutique_bellapotemkina atmospheric and cozy, as always! A collection is a luxurious and diverse!) Wait for my performance in new orders in December!)???? ? #Bellapotemkina #ChristmasCollection_BellaPotemkina

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“Though free she got, but no the dress doesn’t fit”, “Jewish soul Buzova. Soon it will be like Volochkova, to live by barter”, “Beautiful dress, it is a pity that the price tag is not for mere mortals”, “Olga, why do you advertise, no money to buy those dresses?”, “That will not do, for the sake of the outfits on the ball,” “And that Olga now my collection is not engaged? Advertises other,” wrote in the comments fans Buzova.