Jo found her mother in the trailer for the episode 19 of season 15 of ” Grey’s Anatomy

Jo retrouve sa mère dans le trailer de l'épisode 19 de la saison 15 de Grey's Anatomy

And it’s not going to go very well obviously…

This week, in the season 15 of “Grey’s Anatomy, while the hospital in Seattle lived by the rhythm of the romances and dramas, Jo Wilson went to visit her biological mother, the one who was abandoned when she was a baby. Attention spoilers !

We haven’t seen anything yet, but judging by the tears of the young woman at the bottom of her bed, at the end of episode 18, it has not gone very well. Confirmation with the trailer for the upcoming episode 19, “Silent All These Years”, which therefore goes back to the time of a few days and tell us about the journey of Jo on the footsteps of her mother.

The woman Alex went to Vicki Rudin (played by Michelle Forbes), on the side of Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. After he slammed the door in his face, mom finally agreed to go for a coffee with his daughter abandoned. Not really a warm reunion, especially when it comes to mentioning the biological father of Jo… according To what is shown in this trailer, it promises to be something quite horrible !

We will see about that in the rest of the season 15 of Grey’s Anatomy on ABC and in France on MyTF1VOD.

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