Journalist Forbes urged tourists to visit Kiev – the “jewel of Eastern Europe”

Журналистка Forbes призвала туристов посетить Киев – "бриллиант Восточной Европы"


The famous American travel blogger and journalist Brienne Wilson (Breanna Wilson) visited Kiev and called it the “capital of Eastern Europe that you must visit”. She wrote about this in his article published by Forbes.

“Given the recent revolution, the ongoing confrontation with Russia and, to be honest, cold weather, Kiev was a place that intrigued me as a journalist, but I was never sure I want to visit it. Not to mention how to advertise it to someone else. But I was wrong. And it did not take much time to figure it out,” said the journalist.

For example, she noted the capital’s artistic and social projects. In particular, the restaurant Urban Space 500, 500 funded by sponsors, and all profits guides to help social projects and start-UPS for development of the city.

“Or The Naked Room, Gallery space, which showcases pieces by local artists. In addition, during the day the gallery is open as a cafe, and at night turns into a secret wine bar. So what is the best way to take in the local art scene,” wrote the author.

According to her, one of the Central districts of Kiev – Podol – like area of new York in Brooklyn with his composure and relaxation.

“Hem – the most fashionable district of the city, and for good reason. While in the area, which locals call “old town”, away from the hustle and bustle of downtown – main street of Kiev, you see that the Hem is more similar to Brooklyn. It is so peaceful, with lots of excellent schools, well-dressed and cool crowd of people around”, – said the blogger.

She also said that in Kiev today is very broad cocktail menu and a diverse bar culture, which can satisfy even the most demanding audience.

“Rumor has it that there are even secret “bar-only barmen”, which opens at 2am, and it can only include local residents employed in the city’s bar industry. I can neither confirm nor deny this rumor, but I like the idea of secret bars,” stated Brienne Wilson.

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