Judi Dench in the film adaptation of “Cats” to become a man

Oscar-winning British actress in the new film, will play the leader of the cat community – old cat Deuteronomy.

Джуди Денч в экранизации «Кошек» станет мужчиной


20 December of the following year the musical “Cats” will be released on big screen in movie format. Soon start shooting a new picture Tom Hooper, and in anticipation of this event, the media found out that the cast of the film was joined by another star – Oscar-winning British actress Judi Dench. In the film adaptation of “Cats” the artist becomes a man: the star will play the leader of the cat community – old cat Deuteronomy. It should be noted that this role for the first time in the history of the musical gave the woman informed the leader of the cats played only by men.

Recall that the premiere of the musical “Cats” was held on 11 may 1981 at the New London theatre. Judi Dench was supposed to play the main role in this production play Grizabella who sings the famous “Memory”, but one of the rehearsals, the actress received a leg injury – Achilles tendon rupture. Because of this, the Director was forced to take another actress. After 37 years, Judi Dench will still play in “Cats”. In the film adaptation of the famous musical will also participate Idris Elba, Jennifer Hudson, Taylor swift, James Corden and Ian McKellen, Laurie Davidson, Matt Thawley.

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