Kaleido, formerly Universitas, victim of a cyber attack

Kaleido, formerly Universitas, was the victim of a cyber attack on the day of March 24. An investigation is underway with the specialist in registered education savings plans (RESPs), based in Quebec. For security reasons, all computer and operational systems have been temporarily suspended.
The ‘re customers would not be affected by this attack, provides leadership. The investments would be protected, according to preliminary information released by the company.

“A crisis unit has been created and this, with the help of external specialized firms, is working tirelessly to understand the nature and the potential impacts of this illegal act.”

“As soon as we learned of this incident, we immediately shut down our computer system to protect the data. This explains why Kaleido’s operations are temporarily suspended. So far, we have had no indication that personal information has been compromised, “said the company.

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