Kamensky was photographed outside of the toilet with his pants down

Каменских сфотографировалась возле унитаза со спущенными штанами

Famous Ukrainian singer Nastya Kamensky, who now performs under the pseudonym NK continues to disappoint fans frankly vulgar images.

This time the artist has published on his page in Instagram juicy picture, which showed naked buttocks.

Каменских сфотографировалась возле унитаза со спущенными штанами

Kamensky was photographed in the luxurious bathroom. What is most surprising star is on the background of the toilet with pants at half-mast. The Nasty behavior is difficult to explain, however, the singer tried to dot the I. the fact that this photo Kamensky announced the release of a new video for the song “Ass like Kim”.

However, not all fans appreciated the candid shot. Users noted that in recent Kamensky publishes only photos of their buttocks. Others added that this was a part of the body will soon learn Ukrainian stars.

Каменских сфотографировалась возле унитаза со спущенными штанами

“Well, this is too much; luxurious figure, and you are all just jealous; we still have more to squat — I don’t see any noticeable results; you are very sexy, but these vulgar pictures; Nastia, how can we measure it?; the most beautiful buttocks on the planet; Kim much better; the girl of my dreams”. – he wrote to fans in the comments

We will remind, the Ukrainian singer Nastya Kamenskih, which according to the latest rumors pregnant by Potap, published a video about his adventures in Las Vegas. Recently Instagram account Nastya Kamenskih appeared the announcement of her new blog on YouTube.

Каменских сфотографировалась возле унитаза со спущенными штанами

“A new series NKBlog about my trip to the 19th Annual Latin American Grammy already on the YouTube channel NKofficial. There I was invited as a distinguished guest from Ukraine. For me it is an honor to represent my country at major Latin music event in the world! Thank you very much for an incredible dress in which I appeared on the red carpet #LatinGrammys and #PersonOfTheYear, “wrote the star.

Previously, the portal wrote, Kamenskih lit up in the company of long-haired handsome man.

Previously Know This.ia reported that Nastya Kamensky became the heroine of one of the programs on CBS.

Also Know As.Eeyore wrote, Nastya Kamensky showed a playful photo of the party.

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