Kate Middleton accidentally found out about a former lover of Prince William

Truth was revealed on one of the student parties.

Кейт Миддлтон случайно узнала о бывшей любовнице принца Уильяма


Prince William met Kate Middleton while a student at the Scottish University. Young people for a long time were friends before their relationship developed into love. Before that Kate and William already was in a relationship with the opposite sex.

In the biographical book Katie Nicole “creating a Royal romance” describes one of the intense episodes in the life of a young couple. In 2002 Kate Middleton accidentally found out about a former lover of his chosen. Kate and William attended a student party where, as it turned out, was the ex-girlfriend of Prince named Carly, who deliberately gave himself during games “I never did”, during which the presenter declares the things that the participants never did. If a player did that that leaves the game, drinking shot. When the turn came to Carla, the girl announced: “I’ve never had a relationship with two people from this room.” She knew that William would have to reveal himself and to drink, as it was the only one who came to her expression. William was very angry, because the former not only passed it, but also revealed his relationship with Kate. At that time, the grandson of Queen Elizabeth was not able to publicly present their bride.