Keira Knightley reported on the difficulties of the execution of sex scenes in the film “Colette”

The main heroine of the premiere was the French writer Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette.

Кира Найтли сообщила о сложностях исполнения постельных сцен в фильме «Колетт»

Director biographical drama was wash Westmoreland. The main character is a writer Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette, who during his life was full of love. She attributed the novels not only with men but also with females.

The role of Colette in the film, played by the star of “Pirates of the Caribbean” keira Knightley.

There is a large number of sex scenes, including same-sex. Knightley said that scenes of this nature was given to her with difficulty. The actress assured that tried to portray the lesbian scene, so that they do not cause disgust in the male sex, and not like a propaganda of homosexual love or calling for it.

Kira confessed that not very willingly takes the intimate scenes and in General doesn’t like them. However, according to her, this part of the work that has to fulfill. The conviction Knightley, such scenes must be removed so that the audience had a reason to dream.