Keti Topuria without makeup fans have threatened violence

One of the fans spoke negatively about the late singer’s father, very angry celebrity.

Кети Топурия без макияжа пригрозила фанатам расправой


Recently the singer Keti Topuria shared with subscribers of fresh photos, which it captured without makeup. “The day was shorter. Sleep, kids, good night,” he left an ambiguous signature performer. Artist statement extremely cautiously embraced the web users, who reminded her about the criminal background of the deceased father, which brought the singer out. Topuria fans threatened violence, saying in response to the review of fan of that “friends of the thief in the law will come to him.”

Кети Топурия без макияжа пригрозила фанатам расправой


Keti Topuria almost never tells about his past and prefers to discuss their current services. Network experts believe that this is due to the criminal life of her father, Andro Topuria, who was called one of the most influential criminal persons of Georgia. Parent singer died 8 years ago from an overdose of illicit substances. Since then, Katie almost never mentions the parent. The singer is very rarely come into the conversation with fans, but the fans touched on the painful topic for the singer.

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