“Killed the cat for carpet”: Borodin, was accused of zhivoderstvo

Leading got rid of the family pet, saying “give to friends”.

«Убила кота ради ковра»: Бородину обвинили в живодерстве

For about a few months have passed since then, as a TV presenter Ksenia Borodina gave his cat Shanti. In one of his broadcasts the celebrity admitted: “I don’t know what to do with Shanti. Tears up the furniture.

I’m obviously not going to rip his claws, because I’m not an animal to torture animals. This is a very complex operation. I can’t imagine how can you not love your animal to tear out his claws. But the furniture is very expensive, I am very much worried.” But in the same broadcast Borodin strongly discouraged from getting rid of the cat, because you can’t just pull out the claws, but they are often cut or wear the special caps on the nails, as well as train him to sharpen claws. However, Borodina seemed to have already decided everything for yourself, to mess with the cat she wanted. Fans were shocked by the decision of the stars to get rid of the cat.

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Christmas Bertica you the tape??????????

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Today, Borodin published a photo with his other pet, decorative thoroughbred dog, and the fans reminded Borodina on Shanti. The reaction of the stars were very sharp, she was outraged that she almost called rivederci, saying she “killed the cat for the carpet.”

«Убила кота ради ковра»: Бородину обвинили в живодерстве

It is worth noting that earlier Network users are outraged that daughter Borodina Thea hit the cat Shanti so that he jumped on the spot.